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Approximation Theory Group

The Symbolic Computation Group.

Administrative Assistant --- for assistance email icm@math.kent.edu

ICM Email list server icmgroup@mcs.kent.edu

  • To join this automatic email distribution service, an ICM faculty sends email to the address


    with the word subscribe as the only content of your email. This will add your reply email address to the list of people served by the list server. You will receive a copy of any msg sent to icmgroup@mcs.kent.edu. The server acknowledges each subscription by sending a confirming email msg automatically.

  • To remove yourself from this list server, use the content unsubscribe.

  • To reach every one on this list, simply address your email msg to icmgroup@mcs.kent.edu. Be sure to indicate your reply email address in the body of your msg explicitly. When you use the reply function of your mail reader to respond to a piece of msg distributed by the list server, the reply will go to everyone on the list, not just the sender.

  • To send a reply just to the sender, and not to everyone on the list, you need to address the msg explicitly to the sender, not to the list.

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