ICM Mission

     The mission of the Institute for Computational Mathematics (ICM) is to conduct and facilitate interdisciplinary research involving advanced scientific computing. In support of this mission, ICM acts as a locus for interactions among researchers from the Department, Kent State University, industry, and other universities, both in the United States and abroad. Although ICM is a unit within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, its associated membership includes faculty from several disciplines within the University. ICM provides its associate and visiting members with excellent computing facilities and a stimulating supporting environment for cooperative scientific efforts in computational mathematics. Richard Varga and Paul Wang are research directors of ICM.

     Current strengths within ICM include numeric analysis and approximation theory and symbolic mathematical computation. ICM edits and publishes the Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA), maintains the Symbolic Computation Information Center web site (SymbolicNet), offers intensive training courses for local industry, develops interdisciplinary research proposals, facilitates visiting researchers, and publishes ICM Technical Reports.

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