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1991 Technical Reports
  • ICM-9102-06
    Numerical Results on Best Uniform Rational Approximation of |x| on [-1, +1], R.S. Varga, A. Ruttan, A.J. Carpenter. Mat. Sbornik, 182 (1991), 1523-1541 (in Russian).
  • ICM-9102-07
    On the Uniform Convergence of the Scharfetter-Gummel Discretization in One Dimension, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 30 (1993) 3, pp. 749-758. E.C. Gartland, Jr.
  • ICM-9105-08
    SOR-like Methods for Lyapunov Matrix Equations, Proceedings of the IMACS International Symposium on Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra, Gerhard Starke, Brussels, 1991, pp. 233-240.
  • ICM-9105-09
    Field of values and the ADI method for non-normal matrices, Gerhard Starke, Linear Algebra and its Applications, (submitted),
  • ICM-9106-10
    The Laguerre Inequalities with Applications to a Problem Associated with the Riemann Hypothesis, G. Csordas, A. Ruttan and R.S. Varga, Numerical Algorithms, 1 (1991) 305-330.
  • ICM-9108-11
    A hybrid Arnoldi-Faber iterative method for nonsymmetric systems of linear equations, Gerhard Starke and Richard S. Varga. Numerische Mathematik, 64 (1993), 213-240.
  • ICM-9109-12
    Symbolic Computation and Parallel Software, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9109-13
    Practical Factorization of Univariate Polynomials Over Finite Fields, Vilmar Trevisan and Paul Wang.
  • ICM-9109-14
    ParC Project: Practical Constructs for Parallel Programming Languages, R. Govindarajan, L. Guo, S. Yu, and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9110-15
    Is the optimal $\omega$ best for the SOR iteration method?, M. Eiermann and R.S. Varga, Linear Algebra and Its Applicatinos, 182 (1993), 257-277.
  • ICM-9110-16
    A Parallel Implementation of the GMRES Method, D. Calvetti, J. Petersen and L. Reichel, Numer. Linear Algebra, ed. L. Reichel, A. Ruttan and R. S. Varga, W. deGruyter, Berlin, pp. 29-44.
  • ICM-9110-17
    On the Construction of Szego Polynomials, Carl Jagels and L. Reichel, J. Comput. Appl. Math. 46 (1993), pp. 241-254.
  • ICM-9110-18
    Krylov Subspace Methods for Sylvester Equations, D.Y. Hu and L. Reichel, Linear Algebra Appl., 172 (1992), pp. 283-313.
  • ICM-9110-19
    A Chebyshev-Vandermonde Solver, D. Calvetti and L. Reichel, Linear Algebra Appl. 172 (1992), pp. 219-229.
  • ICM-9111-20
    Downdating of Szego Polynomials and Data Fitting Applications, G.S. Ammar, W.B. Gragg and L. Reichel, Linear Algebra Appl.,172 (1992), pp. 315-336.
  • ICM-9111-21
    Coefficient Bounds and Polynomial Factorization, Vilmar Trevisan, Bernard Beauzamy and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9112-22
    Construction of Polynomials that are Orthogonal with Respect to a Discrete Bilinear Form, Lothar Reichel, Adv. Comput. Math., 1 (1993), pp. 241-258.
  • ICM-9112-23
    An Analogue for Szego Polynomials of the Clenshaw Algorithm, Gregory S. Ammar, William B. Gragg and Lothar Reichel, J. Comput. Appl. Math., 46 (1993), pp. 211-216.
  • ICM-9113-24
    Symbolic Computation And Parallel Software, by Paul S. Wang (ICM)
  • ICM-9113-25
    High-level User Input Speci cations for Finite Element Code Generation Naveen Sharma and Paul S. Wang (ICM)
  • ICM-9113-26
    Generating Finite Element Programs for Shared Memory Multiprocessors Naveen Sharma and Paul S. Wang (ICM)

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