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1992 Technical Reports
  • ICM-9201-24
    Fast inversion of Vandermonde-like matrices involving orthogonal polynomials, D. Calvetti and Lothar Reichel, BIT.
  • ICM-9201-25
    Parallel Univariate p-adic Lifting on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9201-26
    Polynomial Factorization: Sharp Bounds, Efficient Algorithms, Bernard Beauzamy, Vilmar Trevisan and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9202-27
    Numerical Minimization of the Landau-de Gennes Free Energy for Liquid Crystals in Finite Cylindrical Containments, E.C. Gartland, Jr. and T.A. Davis, Technical Reports of the ALCOM Symposium ``Liquid Crystals: Surfaces and Finite Size Effect,'' March 12-13, 1992.
  • ICM-9203-28
    A Fast GMRES Algorithm for Shifted Unitary Matrices, Carl Jagels and Lothar Reichel.
  • ICM-9203-29
    A Linear Algebra Proof that the Inverse of a Strictly Ultrametric Matrix is a Strictly Diagonally Dominant Stieltjes Matrix, Reinhard Nabben and Richard S. Varga, SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 15 (1994), 107-113.
  • ICM-9205-30
    Adaptive Chebyshev Iterative Methods for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems Based on Modified Moments D. Calvetti, G.H. Golub and L. Reichel, Numer. Math. (to appear).
  • ICM-9205-31
    A lower bound for the de Bruijn-Newman constant $\Lambda$. II, R.S. Varga, T.S. Norfolk and A. Ruttan, Progress in Approximation Theory (A.A. Gonchar and E.B. Saff, eds.), Springer-Verlag, NY, 1992, pp. 403-418.
  • ICM-9205-32
    An Application from Partial Sums of e2 to a Problem in Several Complex Variables, R.W.Barnard, K. Pearce and R.S. Varga, Applied Math., 46 (1993), pp. 271-279.
  • ICM-9205-33
    Some Numerical Results on Best Uniform Polynomial Approximation of xalpha on [0,1], Amos J. Carpenter and R.S. Varga, Numerical Algorithms, 2 (1992), 171-185.
  • ICM-9205-34
    On best uniform rational approximation of xalpha on [0,1], A. J. Carpenter and R.S. Varga.
  • ICM-9205-35
    On a generalization of Mahler's inequality, R.S. Varga, Analysis, 12 (1992), 319-333.
  • ICM-9205-36
    Level sets for real entire functions and the Laguerre inequalities, G. Csordas, W. Smith and R.S. Varga, Analysis, 12 (1992), 377-402.
  • ICM-9205-37
    A note on the SSOR iterative method for non-Hermitian systems, W. Niethammer and R.S. Varga.
  • ICM-9205-38
    How high-precision calculations can stimulate mathematical research, R.S. Varga, Appl. Numer. Math., 10 (1992), 177-193.
  • ICM-9207-39
    Acceleration of Relaxation Methods for Non-Hermitian Linear Systems, M. Eiermann, W. Niethammer and R.S. Varga, SIAM J. Math. Anal. Appl. 13 (1992), 979-991.
  • ICM-9209-40
    A Generalized ADI Iterative Method, N. Levenberg and L. Reichel.
  • ICM-9209-41
    Gaussian Quadrature Applied to Adaptive Chebyshev Iteration, D.Calvetti, G.H. Golub and L. Reichel.
  • ICM-9210-42
    Adaptive Richardson Iteration Based on Leja Points, D.Calvetti and L. Reichel.
  • ICM-9210-43
    Guide to Parallel C Programming on the Encore Multimax, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9212-44
    Synthesis of Sequential and Parallel Programs for Finite Element Analysis, Navenn Sharma (dissertation).

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