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1993 Technical Reports
  • ICM-9301-45
    Analysis of a Simplified Liquid Crystal Shear-Flow Model, E.C. Gartland, Jr.
  • ICM-9301-46
    The PIER Parallel FEA Program Generator, Naveen Sharma.
  • ICM-9301-47
    An Adaptive Richardson Iteration Method for Indefinite Linear systems, D. Calvetti and L. Reichel.
  • ICM-9302-48
    Optimal Semi-iterative Methods Applied to SOR in the Mixed Case, M. Eiermann and R.S. Varga, Numer. Linear Algebra (L. Reichel, A. Ruttan, and R.S. Varga, eds.), pp. 47-73 Walter de Gruyter, NY, 1993.
  • ICM-9302-49
    An Algorithm for Determining if the Inverse of a Strictly Diagonally Dominant Stieltjes Matrix is Strictly Ultrametric, Richard S. Varga and Reinhard Nabben, Numer. Math., 65 (1993), 493-501.
  • ICM-9302-50
    Lehmer Pairs of Zeros, the de Bruijn-Newman Constant $\Lambda$, and the Riemann Hypothesis, George Csordas, Wayne Smith and Richard S. Varga, Constructive Approx., 10 (1994), 107-129.
  • ICM-9302-51
    Basic Information on Running MAXIMA, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9303-52
    Fast Solution of a Class of Periodic Pseudodifferential Equations, L. Reichel and Y. Yan.
  • ICM-9303-53
    The Pier Parallel FEA Program Generator, Naveen Sharma and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9304-54
    Application of a Block Modified Chebyshev Algorithm to the Iterative Solution of Symmetric Linear Systems With Multiple Right Hand Side Vectors, D. Calvetti and L. Reichel.
  • ICM-9307-55
    The Accelerated Integer GCD Algorithm, Ken Weber.
  • ICM-9308-56
    User Interfaces for Symbolic Computation: a Case Study, Norbert Kajler.
  • ICM-9309-57
    Height as a Coefficient Bound for Univariate Polynomial Factors, Zhuojun Liu and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9310-58
    Guide to Parallel C Programming on the Sequent Balance, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9312-59
    Parallel Multivariate p-adic Lifting on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, Paul S. Wang.

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and Dept. of Computer Science
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 44242 USA