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1994 Technical Reports
  • ICM-9401-60
    Systems of Recurrence Relations - a Method to Expedite the Evaluation of Closed-Form Functions, Olaf Bachmann, Paul S. Wang, and Eugene V. Zima.
  • ICM-9403-61
    MP: A Protocol for Efficient Exchange of Mathematical Expressions, Simon Gray, Norbert Kajler, and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9403-62
    Parallelization of The Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm for Multivariate Polynomials on Shared Memory Multiprocessors, Mohamed Omar Rayes, Paul S. Wang, and Ken Weber.
  • ICM-9403-63
    Parallel GCD for Sparse Multivariate Polynomials on Shared Memory Multiprocessors, Mohamed Omar Rayes and Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9405-65
    No-missing-term p-adic lifting and its Application in Sparse Polynomial GCD, Paul S. Wang and Mohamed Omar Rayes.
  • ICM-9408-66
    Parallel Polynomial Operations: a progress report, Paul S. Wang.
  • ICM-9409-67
    Asymptotics for the zeros and poles of normalized Pade approximants to ez, Richard S. Varga and Amos J. Carpenter, Numer. Math., 68 (1994), 169-185.
  • ICM-9409-68
    Lehmer Pairs of Zeros and the Riemann $\xi$-Function, George Csordas, Wayne Smith, and Richard S. Varga, Constructive Approx., 10 (1994), 107-129.
  • ICM-9409-60
    Generalized Ultrametric Matrices - a Class of Inverse M--Matrices, Reinhard Nabben and Richard S. Varga, Linear Algebra Appl., 220 (1995), 365-390.
  • ICM-9409-70
    A Sufficient Condition for every Class of Inverse $Z$--Matrices, Reinhard Nabben and Richard S. Varga,
  • ICM-9410-71
    An Introduction to Mosaic and the World-wide Web, Paul S. Wang.

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