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1996 Technical Reports
  • ICM-199601-01
    Finite Element Analysis of the Landau-de Gennes Minimization Problem for Liquid Crystals, Timothy A. Davis and Eugene C. Gartland, Jr. (Full paper)
  • ICM-199601-02
    The CL-VM Package, Liwei Li and Paul S. Wang. (Full paper)
  • ICM-199601-03
    Mesh Tools for Automatic Generation of Finite-Element Code in Two Dimensions, Eugene C. Gartland, Jr. and Jiahua Que. (Full paper)
  • ICM-199607-04
    MPCR: An Efficient and Flexible Chain of Recurrences Server, Olaf Bachmann. (Full paper)
  • ICM-199608-05
    Design and Implementation of MP, a Protocol for Efficient Exchange of Mathematical Expressions, S. Gray, N. Kajler, and P. S. Wang. (Full paper)
  • ICM-199612-06
    Parallel Polynomial Operations on SMPs: An Overview, Paul S. Wang, also {\em Journal of Symbolic Computation}, Vol. 22, pp. 1-14 (1996)

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