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Rosetta-Stone CD-ROM for Computer Algebra Systems

The CD contains sources (partially) and Linux executables (where applicable) for: Aldor, CoCoA, GAP, Giac, GiNaC, Gmp, Maxima (with xmaxima), Mpfr, Ntl, Octave, Pari, Scilab, Singular, Yacas.

At the Workshop on Open Source Computer Algebra, Tim Daly distrubted some 60 copies of this CD-ROM.

Michael Rothstein has placed this interesting and useful CD-ROM on iowa@cs.kent.edu and forrestal@cs.kent.edu. The executables are in the directory /CD/usr/local/bin, on iowa and forrestal.

For information on all this software, just browse the directory /CD. In particular, Rosetta.[ps/pdf/dvi] contain dscriptions and comparisons of these systems and other (commercial) products.

Reference Documentatin for Various Programming Systems

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