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  • The MCP protocol has these IANA assigned ports:
    mcp-port        3558/tcp   MCP user port
    mcp-port        3558/udp   MCP user port
  • JMP: An Obejct-Oriented Implementatin of MP in Java
  • XMEC: An Extensible Mathematical Encoding Converter in Java
  • Experimental Common Lisp package for MAXIMA to receive MathML input and produce MathML output. Download maximaMathML.tgz
Prototype software related to the IAMC framework also include:
  • starfish -- a prototype server

  • JOMEI -- Java implementation of the OMEI interface to connect to math engines

  • JMCP -- Java class library and API for the MCP protocol

  • Dragonfly -- a prototype IAMC client written in Java. An alpha test version of Dragonfly is now available. it should work for J2SDK 1.4, the latest version of JVM from Sun.

    Download Dragonfly from


    To try it, you use the IAMC server to access Mathematica installed on

    Another IAMC server to access MAXIMA will be installed as we speak.

    Let Weidong Liao know if any problem arises. We need your feedback to get this to Beta release!

These are in various stages of preparation to be placed online soon.

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The IAMC Framework project at ICM/Kent has been supported in part by United States NSF Grant CCR-9721343, CCR-0201772,
and in part by the Ohio Board of Regents CS Program Enhancement Funds.