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Interdisciplinary Cooperations

  • Applied Mathematics and Liquid Crystal Institute --- numerical modeling of liquid crystal systems
  • Computer Science and Physics --- liquid crystal visualization
  • Computer Science, Chemistry, and Upjohn --- Drug molecule modeling
  • Computer Science and Visual Communications Design --- based on a joint effort in Web Design and Programming curriculum development, we hope to develop research in the combination and integration of art and programming in multimedia technologies.
  • Mathematics Mechanization Research Center (MMRC)---
  • Symbolic Computation Algorithms and Systems for Polynomial Computations --- NSF funded international collaborative research with Dr. Zhuojun Liu, MMRC Institute of Systems Science(ISS) of Academia Sinica in Beijing. When carried out, the research should extend the frontiers of knowledge related to (1) high-performance polynomial manipulations, (2) sequential and parallel algorithms and implementations for computing Gröbner basis and characteristic sets.
  • IAMC --- Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation, a research cooperation among ICM/Kent (Paul Wang), University of Cincinnati (Dieter Schmidt), Ashland University (Simon Gray), and Ecole des Mines de Paris (Norbert Kajler), to make mathematical computation services easily and widely available on the Internet.
  • Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation --- Paul Wang's group and others from around the world are cooperating to create and standardize ways to supply mathematical computatons over the Internet and the Web.
  • WME (Web-based Mathematical Education)--- Paul Wang's group is cooperating with faculty from the School of Education at Kent State University to create a Web for mathematics education.WME in Middle School---OBR funded pilot project

Help for NSF Fastlane

NSF encourages the use of Fastlane for many different functions including proposal preparation, status tracking, and review, among other things. ICM has gathered some information helpful for preparing proposals on Fastlane.

Thesis and Dissertation LaTeX Templates

Download mscsdiss.tar.gz. It contains templates for Math, CS, master thesis and Ph.D. dissertation templates for Kent State University.

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