MMRC Beijing

     Mathematics Mechanization Research Center (MMRC), located in Beijing, is one of five divisions in the Institute of Systems Science(ISS) of Academia Sinica. Major research interests in MMRC include computational algebraic geometry, symbolic computation, computer theorem proving, and coding theory. Headed by Wentsun Wu, MMRC is a research unit well-known by experts in China and the world. MMRC offers excellent computing environment for its faculty members, research associates, graduate students, and visitors. MMRC edits and publishes the Mathematics Mechanization Research Report, which has become a media Mathematics Mechanization Research Preprints, which has become a media to exchange research results with other institutions. MMRC has expertise in computing with polynomials, Gröbner basis, and characteristic sets. Drs. Liu and Wu are among leading experts in the world in these areas. Currently, there are nine faculty members at MMRC.

     An important on-going activity for MMRC is developing a mathematical software called STAR (Small Tool for Algebraic Research). STAR will supply modern software tools for solving algebraic equations. And this can be a significant contribution to the field of SAC. An important aspect of STAR is the design and implementation of efficient algorithms for characteristic sets and Gröbner basis.

     Dr. Zhuojun Liu, P.I. on the PRC side, is a deputy director at the Institute of Systems Science in charge of research. He leads the STAR project. Zhuojun Liu visited Kent/ICM for a substantial period of time (May 1992 -- December 1994) and worked closely with Paul S. Wang, the P.I. on the USA side. Thus, a good start has already been made for the proposed work. The cooperation will bring complementary expertise from ICM/Kent and MMRC/ISS to bear on a well-defined research agenda in algorithm development and system building.

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