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Robust Mathematical Modeling


The RMM (Robust Mathematical Modeling) program aims at providing contacts to mathematicians (no matter public or private). It allows mathematicians to answer the question "how can we be useful ?", and thus of course create more jobs. Until recently, jobs in mathematics were connected to education, which is very limited : a mathematician’s task is to solve problems, not just to teach. These problems, in order to be useful socially speaking, have to address the following three difficulties:

  • the data are missing or corrupted
  • the laws are unknown
  • the objectives are multiple and contradictory

Any mathematical tool which addresses at least one of these difficulties is potentially useful, since they appear constantly in real-life problems. On the opposite, to develop abstract, elaborate, theoretical tools is of limited interest, since these tools will never find the proper situation for application. The wrong attitude is to develop tools first, hoping that they will sometime meet some need. This does not work, because nobody cares about such tools : the scientific journals in which they are presented are not read by the users. The two communities "users" and "theorists" are disjoint, in many respects (vocabulary, scale of time, ambitions, and so on). There is a need (we may think of that later, in the frame of the RMM program) for a scientific journal for the users, written in their vocabulary.

RMM Members

Here is a growing list of RMM members - full list coming soon...

  • Bernard Beauzamy, Chairman and CEO, Societe de Calcul Mathematique SA, Paris
  • Olga Zeydina, from Donetsk (zeidina@mail.ru)

RMM Contracts

  • with Veolia Transport
  • With ANDRA (radioactive waste agency, France) : 2d and 3d models for radionuclide propagation in soils, taking uncertainties into account (sequel of our previous contract).
  • With CITEPA (atmospheric pollution, France) : uncertainties about atmospheric emissions.
  • With CEA (atomic energy, France) : uncertainties in epidemiology.
  • NATO proposal to be evaluated in March 2008 - involving Donetsk National University, Ukraine (representative : V. Bandoura), Université de Bretagne Sud, Vannes, France (Quensheng Liu and Emile Le Page), Kent State University, USA (Richard Aron), and SCM

RMM Related Conferences, Seminars and Other Activities

RMM Archives, reports, articles and files

Any reports, files or presentations for the RMM group will be saved for free access within this folder: http://icm.mcs.kent.edu/research/RMM/archives

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