XMEC: An Extensible Mathematical
Encoding Converter

What is XMEC

XMEC is a stand-along mathematical expression converter written in Java. It can also be easily embeded in other applications to perform conversions. It is a component in the IAMC framework but can be used independently.

XMEC provides native support for translations between infix notation, MathML and MP. As a side benefit, experiments with MathML-MP conversions have shown good conversion speeds and significant data compression. It may be advantageous to convert large MathML results to MP before sending them through the network.

XMEC has important roles to play in the IAMC framework. Both the MCP library and OMEI drivers can use XMEC as a built-in component. XMEC also has application independent of the IAMC framework; for example, it would allow a user to prepare a document with mathematical content using any of a number of formats and still be able to communicate that content over the Web or Internet. This extensible converter has been demonstrated at the IAMC'2001 Workshop and will be made available for the research community.

Technical Report

XMEC: An Extensible Mathematical Encoding Converter (Demo at IAMC'2001 Workshop), by Xiao Zou.


XMEC is free for non-commercial use. Please let us know how you are using the package and we appreate your feedback.

Shift-click on the link to download the latest XMEC version: xmec.tar.gz (567030 bytes)


Xiao Zou, Paul Wang

Institute for Compuotational Mathematics
Kent State University
Kent OH USA 44242-0001

The XMEC effort has been supported in part by the National Foundation under Grant CCR-9721343 and the Ohio Board of Regents Computer Science Enhancement Funds.

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